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Missy Grider was the Office Manger of Coffey’s Veterinary Center for 15 years and served as the backbone of Dr. Coffey’s staff.  She served as the first voice on the phone, the first face in the office, and the first to offer care and compassion to Dr. Coffey’s clientele.  Missy loved animals deeply and was a patient advocate, working night and day to bend the world in favor of the sick and homeless patients that crossed the threshold of our office door.  She organized fosters, bottle-fed orphaned kittens, and worked with clients to reduce their financial burden while still giving their pets excellent care.  To the animals, Missy was a guardian angel; to their owners, Missy was a ray of hope during dark times; and to Dr. Coffey, Missy was a true friend and member of her family.  Missy Grider passed away very suddenly in January of 2021 from cancer, and Dr. Coffey began an extensive cancer treatment program and a donation-based charity to honor her memory.  Missy’s presence permeated every  square inch of the office, and there is not a day that goes by that she isn’t missed by our clients and remembered fondly by our staff.  Her passing left a hole in our office that cannot be filled, but also inspired us to go even further above and beyond for our patients.

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