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Receptionists greet customers on the phone and in person, answer questions, relay news about hospitalized patients, and collect patient history and contact information from clients.  They also make appointments and accept payments when pets are ready to go home.  Receptionists are very important in the Coffey’s Veterinary Center staff, as they serve as first contact with owners looking for answers regarding their pets’ care.  Reception is a challenging position in any industry, as clients all have vastly different needs and expectations.  However, if you enjoy talking to people about their pets, this may be your dream job.  Our receptionist salary starts at $10.00 per hour with opportunity for multiple pay increases as a receptionist’s experience increases.  Minimum requirements: high school diploma.

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Groomers are responsible for bathing pets and styling their fur using various grooming tools.  Our groomers are also trained to trim nails, clean ears, and express anal sacs.  Some illnesses leave pets a bit messy, and they need some pampering before they return home, while other families just enjoy getting their healthy pets tidied up.  Our groomers are patient and not afraid to get messy while cleaning our clients’ fur-babies.  Our groomers’ salaries start at $10.00 per hour with opportunity for multiple pay increases as their regular clientele grows.  Minimum requirements: one year experience.

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Kennel Attendant

A kennel attendant’s role is keeping hospitalized and boarding pets comfortable and caring for their basic needs.  Kennel attendants keep the office running smoothly by keeping kennels clean, providing pets with food and water regularly, taking pets to exercise and go potty when needed, and maintaining a clean working environment.  Kennel attendants change pet bedding, litter boxes, and pet bowls regularly, and also administer prescribed oral medications when appropriate.  They also monitor patient eating, drinking, and their bathroom habits and report any abnormalities to the medical staff.  Coffey’s Veterinary Center highly values our kennel attendants.  Salary starts at $8.00 per hour with opportunity for multiple pay increases as an attendant’s speed, skill, and responsibilities grow.  Minimum requirements: a love of animals and patience.

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Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistants act as an extra pair of hands for those performing medical procedures.  They perform tasks that are above an animal’s basic needs, but require little medical training.   Veterinary Assistants responsibilities include preparing vaccines, gentle restraint while procedures occur, monitoring vital signs during surgery, hand-feeding critical-care patients and orphaned puppies/kittens, cleaning and preparing equipment for medical use, administering oral medications when appropriate, and taking inventory.  More experienced Veterinary Assistants can take on further responsibilities with proper training.  Veterinary Assistant salaries start at $10.00 per hour with opportunity for multiple pay increases as they take on more responsibilities.  Minimum requirements: high school diploma.

Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technicians are trained and certified to perform certain non-invasive medical procedures such as administering vaccinations, drawing blood samples, analyzing fecal samples, intubation, placing IV catheters, and skin-level sutures.  Dr. Coffey relies on her technicians to take samples from patients and carry out these tasks as she directs them.  This allows Dr. Coffey to help more patients at once, providing greater service to Columbia and the surrounding counties.  Starting salary for Veterinary Technicians at Coffey’s Veterinary Center is $16.00 per hour with opportunity for multiple pay increases as their experience grows.  Minimum requirements: university degree in fields that allow for board certification.

Pre-Veterinary Intern

Coffey’s Veterinary Center offers paid internships for Pre-Veterinary university students.  She has a great desire to aid in the training of future generations of veterinarians.  Pre-Veterinary interns start as kennel attendants and receive training from Dr. Coffey before taking on further responsibilities.  Dr. Coffey trains Pre-Veterinary interns to perform non-invasive medical procedures under her direct supervision – allowing them to receive hands-on experience in preparation for veterinary school.  Intern salary starts at $10.00 per hour with opportunity for multiple pay increases as they master new skills.  Minimum requirements: currently enrolled in pre-veterinary curriculum.


Coffey’s Veterinary Center is currently a single-veterinarian practice.  As the veterinarian, Dr. Coffey is the only member of staff who is trained and certified to diagnose patients, perform invasive surgery, prescribe medications, and create treatment plans.  She acts as a leader, giving orders to all members of her staff at every level of a patient’s care.  Any new veterinarian joining our staff would need to have a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree from an accredited university.  However, we are not currently hiring veterinarians.  Check back at a later date; future openings will be listed here.