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Facility Gallery

Our friendly Front-Desk staff will collect your pet’s information and weigh them before their exam!

Covered outdoor kennels allow dogs to exercise and go potty!  Dogs are given outdoor time multiple times a day.

We currently offer in-house radiography (x-ray) and ultrasound for a peek inside your pet!

Hospitalized pets are placed in individual kennels according to their size and needs.  Each pet is given fluffy bedding for their comfort.  Kennels are monitored day and night with video surveillance.

Have a smelly fur-baby?  Our groomer can bathe your pet and is well versed in various breed hair styles.  If you want bows, we have bows!  If your pet needs a more stoic shave-down, we can do that too!

Our surgery area is used for both routine procedures like spay/neuter and dentals, as well as emergency procedures such as wound care, amputations, and exploratory surgery.

We have three cozy exam rooms for your privacy and comfort!

Our office offers in-house bloodwork, cytology, fecal exams – the works!

Our laboratory team offers state-of-the-art procedures like stem-cell regenerative medicine and immunotherapy.  We collect and process tissue into treatments that we administer to your pets locally!