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Our Staff

Dr. Janice Coffey – 
Veterinarian and Owner of Coffey’s Veterinary Center

Sharon Wood - 
Senior Veterinary Technician

Abbie Young - 

Angela Doster - 
Veterinary Technician

Mase Eastham - 
Pre-Veterinary Intern

Shawna Edwards - 
Pre-Veterinary Intern

Mike Nash - 

Stephanie Blackwood - 
Veterinary Assistant

Nikki Hiser - 
Veterinary Assistant

John Bowie - 
Pharmacy Operative

Bethany Bowie - 
Executive Assistant

Travis Richards - 
Kennel Attendent

Stitch - 
Retired Greeter and Missy's Best Helper
Now Resides at home

Reba - 
Dr. Coffey's Good Girl

Lucy - 
Dr. Coffey's Scamp

Wilma - 
Resident Greeter and Soft Girl

Gracie - 
Resident Cuddles Inspector and Shy Girl

Maple - 
Resident Moral Booster and Rascal